Established in 1995 we have long been renowned for our high quality and unique children's photography services.

We are a small team of friendly, dedicated portrait photographers who love making sure the experience of being photographed is fun one for them.

All our team have many years of experience so we understand the patience required to coax beautiful, natural expressions from a shy 3 year old, or to engage and calm a boisterous 4 year old long enough to capture that gorgeous grin.

We never say 'Cheese', we never force fake smiles and we never ask the children to be anything but themselves for us. We love what we do, and it shows.

Not only in the beautiful images we capture, but in the children's response to our photographers and the wonderful feedback we receive from parents and teachers.

Fairies and Pirates

We create a magical make-believe woodland set with the children dressed up as fairies and pirates in our fabulous costumes.


Our specialty Vintage Style of photography from a bygone era, provides the children the opportunity to dress up in costume. 


Fun action packed and spontaneous photography of the children in both colour and black & white. 


Leaving nursery or pre-school is a big step in a child’s life. These fun photographs celebrate this important end of an era with some fantastic new backgrounds.


We’re Creative

With our creative, fun sessions children can be children and we can capture their priceless expressions along the way.

We’re Punctual

We are prompt, efficient and always on time, we aim to cause minimal disruption to the children’s routine.

We have magic

We put the twinkle in their eye and the smile on their face. Our magic brings each personality to life.


For efficient turnaround, consistent quality and security of images.

We’re responsible

We are all DBS checked and trained to the highest of standards to ensure a safe environment for all the children and staff. Little Urchins is a GDPR compliant company.


Generous commissions and prompt payment guaranteed.